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(SwStr: t. 245)

In 1854 Kinsman was built at Elizabeth, Pa., as Cfray Cloud. She operated on the Mississippi River and its tributaries from St. Louis. After the capture of New Orleans in the spring of 1862, she was commandeered by General B. F. Butler and fitted out for river service.

Renamed Kinsman, the side-wheel steamer operated for the Army, Acting Master George Wiggen in command. With Calhoun, Estrella, and Diana, she engaged Confederate ironclad gunboat Cotton in a spirited action 3 November. Kinsman was struck under her port bow and the other Union ships were damaged but they forced the Confederate vessel to retire. That night the Northern ships captured A. B. Seger, a small Steamer of the Confederate Navy used as a dispatch boat. Five days later'
Kinsman and A. Seger captured and burned steamers Ospreg and J. P. Smith in Bayou Cheval, La.

Kinsman was transferred to the Navy 1 January 1863. With three other ships under overall command of Lt. Comdr. Thomas McKean Buchanan, she attacked the South's defenses at Bayou Teche, below Franklin, La. Vigorous prosecution of the action by Northern vessels forced the Southerners to retire permitting removal of obstructions which had impeded Union ships. Confederate gunboat Cotton enaged the attackers but was compelled to retire. Soon thereafter Cotton's crew set their ship afire and destroyed her to prevent capture. During the engagement, a torpedo exploded under Kinsman unshipping her rudder.

While transporting a detachment of' troops 23 February 1863, Kinsman struck a snag and sank in Berwick Bay near Brashear City, La. Six men were reported missing.


The KINSMAN JEWISH CENTER, established in 1930 as B'nai Jacob Kol Israel Congregation, was one of the most important Orthodox Jewish congregations in Cleveland between 1930-60, and was also one of the city's first Orthodox congregations to be organized along non-national lines. Its founders had been members of the Anshe Marmoresher B'nai Jacob Congregation, Kinsman branch (est. 1928). A group of men led by Dan Weiss and Pincus Newman determined to enlarge the congregation beyond its Hungarian character and to create a community center for the Orthodox Jews of Kinsman and SHAKER HTS. The center held services in a rented house at E. 149th and Kinsman for 3 years. In 1932 a building was dedicated at E. 147th and Kinsman that was to be the community center. It also served as the synagogue when plans for a place of worship were abandoned due to the Depression. Although never the focus of Jewish life in Kinsman, the Kinsman Jewish Center congregation grew quickly in both importance and size, from fewer than 30 original families to almost 400 families by 1940. Dan Weiss, the center's first president, served for 20 years Rabbi DAVID GENUTH was the congregation's first spiritual leader (1933-48).

The center established a daily afternoon Hebrew school (1933), formed a sisterhood (1934), and created one of the first synagogue-sponsored Jewish nursery schools in the city (1950). During the 1950s, it formed a Young Women's League, which provided a recreational program for girls and boys. In 1958, following the Jewish population to the SUBURBS, the center sold its property and moved to temporary quarters on Lee Rd. in Shaker Hts. Due to the high cost of rebuilding, the center merged with TETIEVER AHAVATH ACHIM ANSHE SFARD Congregation and Congregation Neveh Zedek to form WARRENSVILLE CENTER SYNAGOGUE. Rabbi Jacob Muskin, rabbi of Kinsman Jewish Center since 1948, became rabbi for the new synagogue.

Kinsman, IL Data & Demographics (As of July 1, 2020)





  1. Group Quarters - a place where people live or stay in a group living arrangement. Includes college residents halls, nursing facilities, military barracks, and correctional facilities.
  2. The Diversity Index is a scale of 0 to 100 that represents the likelihood that two persons, chosen at random from the same area, belong to different races or ethnic groups. If an area's entire population belongs to one race AND one ethnic group, then the area has zero diversity. An area's diversity index increases to 100 when the population is evenly divided into two or more race/ethnic groups.
  3. The Housing Affordability Index base is 100 and represents a balance point where a resident with a median household income can normally qualify to purchase a median price home. Values above 100 indicate increased affordability, while values below 100 indicate decreased affordability.
  4. The % of Income for Mortgage quantifies the percentage of median household income dedicated to mortgage payments on a home priced at the median value (assuming a 30-year mortgage and a 20% down payment).
  5. The Wealth Index is based on a number of indicators of affluence including average household income and average net worth, but it also includes the value of material possessions and resources. It represents the wealth of the area relative to the national level. Values above or below 100 represent above-average wealth or below-average wealth compared to the national level.


The Rich Kinsman: The History of Ruth the Moabitess

Author Stephen H. Tyng wrote this volume on Ruth in order to enlighten youth and encourage them to study the Holy Scriptures. The Rich Kingsman is comprised of 19 lectures he delivered to the youth of his congregation. Engaging, it presents the themes, significance, and history of the person and book of Ruth, and brings readers a clear understanding of this little book of the Bible.

This volume is essential for students, scholars, pastors, historians, teachers of the Bible, and anyone else studying the book of Ruth. With Logos Bible Software, the volume is completely searchable&mdashScripture passages appear on mouse-over and link to the Hebrew texts and English translations in your library. This accessibility makes these texts more powerful and easier to access than ever before. With the advanced search features of Logos Bible Software, you can perform powerful searches by topic or Scripture reference&mdashfinding, for example, every mention of &ldquoMoab&rdquo or &ldquoRuth 1:16.&rdquo

Kinsman Notch, New Hampshire

Kinsman Notch, New Hampshire – Kinsman Notch is located in the White Mountains between Mount Moosilauke and the Kinsman Range. Lost River drains to the southeast and the Wild Ammonoosuc River drains to the northwest. The Notch is mostly known for Lost River Reservation , Beaver Brook Cascades and Beaver Pond , but hidden among the hills is an incredible landscape that most have never explored.

Over the years, I have visited some breathtaking places in the less traveled areas of Kinsman Notch. And today I am going to show a few of these places. Kinsman Notch is an awesome area to hike and explore, and photographers with creative minds will have a field day in this area.

High on the side of Mount Jim (above) is one of the most peaceful softwood forests I have been in a long time. I was initially searching for an interesting sign in a backcountry ski area, but the forest was just perfect. Many of the trees are straight as an arrow! And I must mention the birch glades in this area are also incredible.

There are many brooks that flow into Lost River and the Wild Ammonoosuc River. Many of these brooks have very impressive cascades (above) along them! It baffles me that an area so heavily explored during the early years of the White Mountains has so many unnamed water features.

During the logging era, the Gordon Pond Railroad (1907-1916) traveled up the Lost River drainage and logged the rugged terrain of Kinsman Notch. Almost one hundred years later evidence of this era is still visible high on the mountains that make up Kinsman Notch.

Above is an abandoned sled road on Mount Waternomee. Even though it looks to be nothing more than a dried up brook bed, at one time horse teams, with logs, where lowered down this section with a series of cables. Some history books refer to these cable systems as snubbing winches. You can see what is possibly part of the snubbing winch used on this sled road here .

How can you not love tree art! I find it amazing this tree continues to grow around the artifact (hook). More than likely this artifact is from the Gordon Pond Logging Railroad era. I would speculate someone put the hook on a branch of the tree when it was small, and the tree continues to grow around it. View more Notch images here .

And I have to thank Steve Smith, owner of The Mountain Wanderer Map & Book Store in Lincoln. He informed me of many interesting features of Kinsman Notch.

The Pittsburgh and Kinsman Years

E.C. Collins in Kinsman colors, from the Tom Manse collection and Paul C. LaMarre Jr. collection.

As the 20th Century entered its second decade, the Hawgood companies found themselves mired in legal trouble, which stemmed from some questionable financial dealings with the American Shipbuilding Company, and resulted in a number of their newest and largest vessels being sold off or reposessed under court order. The various Hawgood fleets were consolidated into the Acme Transit Company in 1911, but their fortunes never fully recovered, being further set back by the loss of the Henry B. Smith in the 1913 storm. Acme Transit finally ceased operations early in 1916, and their remaining six ships were sold to the Pittsburgh Steamship Company. Among them was the Edwin F. Holmes, which was renamed E. C. Collins by her new owners.

Over the winter of 1916-1917, the Collins underwent her first major rebuild. Her spar deck and holds were reconfigured with arch and hopper-side construction replacing the original deck support stanchions, and her wooden hatch covers were replaced with telescoping steel ones. The use of transverse steel arches to support the deck greatly strengthened the hull structure, and eliminating the stanchions in the cargo hold made these vessels easier (and therefore cheaper) to load and unload, giving them significant economic advantage over the earlier-style construction. Another change in 1916 was an increase in crew size. Before then, vessel crews worked a two-watch rotation of six hours on duty and six hours off (twice a day), but new regulations that year mandated the addition of a third watch, with each watch working four hours on/eight hours off. To accommodate the additional crew members, the deckhands' quarters on the Collins were moved to a new “doghouse” cabin, added during the 1916-17 rebuild between the #9 and #10 hatches on her spar deck. Her open wheelhouse was also enclosed at this time. Later rebuilds saw the square-framed windows in her cabins replaced with more weather-resistant portholes, and new boilers (coal-burning Scotch type, like the originals) were installed in 1927.

CMAA Ministry Minute

Your gifts to the 2021 CMAA shine the light of Christ on the next generation!

To witness how your gifts to the Catholic Ministries Annual Appeal (CMAA) shine the light of Christ on the next generation through the Office for Young Adult Ministries, click here. By making young adults feel welcome through programs such as the Samuel Group, it provides opportunities for growth, to deepen one’s faith and to deepen one’s commitment to serve. To make a secure gift to the CMAA, please click here.

Our History - His Story

From the beginning of Adamic Creation, the pendulum of time has swung back and forth between the secular independence of our racial identity and a commitment to the divine origin of our race. A dependence upon the latter is what Christian Identity has rediscovered. Our race has been riddled with foreign concepts over the millennia challenging the idea that our race is an inextricable component of the God of Creation and God, as evidenced in His Word, has a blueprint of predestination for us.

As a people, we seem to drift in and out of the cognitive response to the supernatural realities of why we exist. The appellation of 'God's chosen people' has been obfuscated by conspiracy and manipulation of the pendulum, which denies the preeminence of White Christian civilization. Indeed, the preponderance of propaganda conjures an image of Jesus Christ as being a jew to the average misnomered gentile.

In fact, we are hounded and ridiculed at the slightest suggestion of White Supremacy or the truth about ancient Israel as it relates to us today. The Identity message is a constant story of a race of people being lost and found. Christ came for the 'lost sheep' (Mt. 15:24) and promised them that if they would seek after something, they would find it (Mt. 7:7).

In this day and age there is an 'increase in knowledge', albeit a plethora of disinformation in the mix designed to deceive us. However, the truth is out there for discerning explorers. It is difficult for people to accept that their beloved leaders have lied to them. And yet 50 years after Pearl Harbor, we find FDR had prior knowledge of the attack. Even more oblique and underhanded is the unscrupulous scholar who chronicles past events to accommodate a given power structure or ruling system. This practice, of course, colors and taints the innocent student from learning. The old adage 'to the victors of war go the spoils', which would include the license to posture their own historical record, could also be applied to the politics of translating the Bible.

Would anyone dare interpolate the Word of God? When corruption rules the day, this becomes a very real probability. The Bible warns us of 'another gospel' and 'false teachers'. Our enemies don't want us to know our heritage, the rock from whence we were hewn, and are therefore destroying the evidence and memories of who we really are. The realization that our people are blind to their Adamic/Israelite identity is nothing new. There's nothing new under the sun for a reason. "Blindness in part is happened to Israel" (Romans 11:25).

Hosea 1:10 declared our kin of old, before Christ, to have lost and found their identity, just as it shall be said of us today, that 'ye are not My people' until you understand who you are: 'ye are the sons of the living God'. There are so many ways in which our race can be estranged from God, but the primary cause is adultery or mongrelization. That is to say 'whoring after strange gods', which can only be accomplished by associating with strangers/other races. We lose our identity when we adapt to other cultures and their mores.

Unfortunately, the religion of the West has become an adulterated oxymoron known as judeo-Christianity. It is an unholy blend of Hinduism, Mithra, Zoroaster, Baal worship and Judaism just to name a few of the culprits. The challenge before Christian Identity is to expunge these commonly accepted abominations of theological sophistries and restore our biblical heritage.

The 1st century apostolic church was an Identity movement, in that the disciples were reaching out with the good news gospels to their own kind. The message was not preached to non-Whites, because the Great Commission did not include them. When Israel went into Assyrian captivity she lost sight of who she was. These tribes, whom Josephus describes as an 'inestimable number', corresponds to British historian Sharon Turner tracing our race back to this very territory. They moved westward across Europe, under different names, but remained the same racial stock of Israelites, becoming the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic peoples, whom history testifies as the willing recipients of primitive Christianity.

The putative misperception that the Catholic church of Rome was the cradle of Christianity betrays the truth that our Israelitish faith was planted in the British Isles within a very few years after the Crucifixion. The beast of Catholicism was a means to eclipse the Identity message to the White race and vicariously assume the authority of Christ's church with its adulterated polar opposite of incorporating the strange gods of non-Israelite cultures into the amalgamated bipolar universal religions we see today. We see a lot of its priesthood to be comprised of sodomites and pedophiles with bishops complacent to its perverse presence.

The devils (rabbis) of Judaism also work in consort with the false church to establish a stronghold of antichrist diversity thereby preempting the Kingdom of God and the idea that White people will ever know who they really are. Just to show you that the premise of Christian Identity is not exactly a recent phenomenon, all the student has to do is ascertain whether or not bona fide history confirms or denies that White people have known and believed that they are the true Israelites of the Bible.

It is not the point of this treatise to prove our ancestry. Many fine Christian Identity researchers have already established our historical link to ancient Israel. What needs to be examined and analyzed is the modern revival of this wonderful truth.

The Scottish Declaration of Independence of 1320 AD makes the connection between Scotland and Israel of old an immutable fact. The Scots did not consider this to be controversial. However, Scotland was not as compromised as England to the south, when they (the British) soon came to the pernicious usurers of the Talmud, eager to prove the root of all evil. The progression of Christian Identity came to England in 1649 with a barnacle of subterfuge. But the precursor before that, the road to building the empire was paved by the notorious King Henry VIII and his seizure of the Church of England after he defied the Vatican. Geopolitical war quickly became spiritual warfare of religious ideas and concepts between the Pope and the Monarchy.

John Dee (1527-1608), the son of a court official during Henry's reign, grew up surrounded by this conflict and the mystical currents transforming an impoverished little island into a powerful empire. One of the best kept secrets of English history is that Dee was not only the grand architect of the British empire itself, being the chief consul and advisor to the Protestant Queen Elizabeth, but also the satanic occult founder of Freemasonry, while introducing Rosicrucianism to Germany.

To forge alliances between jewish money and British imperialism, John Dee developed a common racial identity between the two with the concept of British-Israel, invoking biblical prophecy to justify their world takeover. This was nothing less than an intelligence coup carried out by occult propaganda. However, this act of treachery should never be confused with the truth itself. Oftentimes exploitation cannot succeed without the credibility of a truth distracting us from the thin veneer of deceit. All this set the stage for the later absorption of European jewry into British society and the corrupted definition of Israel. The new royal jews became masters of fraud. That great fraud perpetrated was not the money itself, but rather the jewish obsession to monopolize every penny for themselves.

After Edward I expelled the jews in 1290, England enjoyed economic prosperity and stability for over 300 years. All of Europe followed their lead with purging the jews from their land. But the conniving jews bided their time to return to the easy pickings of Christian nations. As we'll see, a more sinister plot for a one-world order run by jews was being schemed. For the jew, true Christianity and the White race stood in their way. What happened in 1649, after the beheading of Charles I, was a secret meeting between Oliver Cromwell and Rabbi Manasseh ben Israel of Holland to allow jews to return to England in return for money.

The religious canard for allowing the readmission of jews into England was the reunification of all the tribes of Israel. This constituted the Europeans nations, including the house of Judah, which the jews falsely claimed to be. With this impersonation, the jews said the second advent of Christ could be fulfilled. With this new found relationship and money, Cromwell could pursue his fratricidal wars against Ireland and Scotland as well as crushing a large number of Christian churches and monasteries (including Glastonbury) confiscating the church properties and treasuries, splitting the loot with his new jewish cronies. The historical record now reveals that with this traitorous agreement, titles of nobility would be issued to wealthy jews, ushering in the Bank of England (1694) and a corrupt Church of England.

It is ironic that the negotiations for the Bank were conducted in a church. With this illegitimate marriage of the truth and a lie, Britain and jewry, came the blessings and curses of a colonial empire. Together, they would rule the world. Techniques of political power used in times past paled in comparison to the new system of a ruthless oligarchy, which the jews had penetrated with their usurious money. This was an important pivotal time in history where great forward strides were being made in the matrimony of international jewish finance and the English aristocracy, which has materially and spiritually changed the way of life today for nearly every person on the face of the earth.

It can be shown that John's Revelation of modern Mystery Babylon of economic/religious transformation started in earnest in England at the time of Cromwell. The dissolution of traditional Christian churches supplanted with a new judaized version was the necessary gamble that jews had to wage for their new world order i.e. a Pax Judaica.

Part of this enticement was the idea of who God's chosen people were. To this day, there are jewish organizations such as the United Israel World Union, who freely admit that the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic peoples are the lost sheep of the house of Israel with themselves as the long lost brethren of Judah of course. They also despise Christian Identity for exposing their false identity as Judah and so, out of necessity, have gone to great lengths to demonize the Christian Identity movement. Ironically, they are the epitome of demonic and satanic personas (rather than their contrived mythology of a so called "Satan" or demons to distract "goyim" from themselves), which have used secret societies and the Talmudic occult to control the world with a total disregard for human life.

The impact of this phenomenon is that the peoples of the world have surreptiously succumbed to the satanic influence of jews. Even Christian Identity has been victimized in this regard in the form of certain doctrines. Once the jews gained a foothold in the body politic of England, more perverse adulterations of who God's chosen people were could mutate into a spiritualized Israel with jews assuming the helm of governments.

From the time of Cromwell to the time of Dr. Samuel Maitland and John Darby, the Christian identity of White people became blurred, thanks to the apostate teaching of the Rapture, which was predicated on the lie of jewish people returning as Israelites to their homeland in Palestine before the second coming of Christ could occur. Being that those who call themselves jews today have no claim to the namesake of Judah, it is pure chutzpah to say it is their home.

Having said all this, in order to present a history of Christian Identity, the only theology closely resembling true Christianity was a remnant of believers that adhered to the understanding of who the Israel people of the Bible were. It was called British Israel and it is still around today. Unfortunately, back then, perhaps out of gratitude for being reminded as to whom they were, the English allowed the idea of jews being Judah to remain uncontested. The jews never could have pulled off their religious/political/economic scam by themselves.

Before the BBC and the technological revolution of mass brainwashing, Englishmen entertained themselves with titillating eccentricities and peculiar intellectual parlor games. After Cromwell's destruction of the traditional Christian church and ethic, the Church of England manipulated a politically correct ecclesiastical establishment directing what later in history became known as the judeo-Christian ethic. Although the jews reentered England on the premise that Anglo-Saxondom was the lost tribes of Israel, the premise was soon diluted to a spiritualized 'New Israel' rather than the physical racial descendants.

Bubbles of truth would occasionally float to the surface of the public's consciousness. However, the Trojan horse of jewry attached itself to a variety of growing interests related to the Bible like a parasite on a host body. One such independent formation of theology away from the establishment church was the British Israel movement, which was more than just an idea while attracting followers to the writings of John Wilson appearing in 1815 to his death in 1871.

Wilson's lectures found a large middle class audience in Ireland and England. The pieces of the puzzle began fitting together as it was shown that many social institutions were the result of an Israelite legacy influenced by the migrating tribes across the nations of Europe. It was a diaspora that reflected the ancient righteousness of everything that was moral and British.

But then enters the pernicious jew, which Wilson knew did not fit into the picture. He was skeptical of jewish claims of Old Testament ancestry, maintaining that descendants of Judah, having patterns of miscegenation, were now an inferior race cursed with mongrelization. The fly in his ointment however, was the misguided notion that the curse could be broken by accepting Jesus as the Son of God. The antichrist jews, thus, enjoyed the easy pickings of fraternal tolerance and a liberal minded patronization to interact in the state of affairs of England.

Wilson could appreciate other nations of Europe as tribal kindred, especially the Teutonic history of Germany, which we have identified today as the true tribe of Judah. This would be a curious point of contention, for later proponents of the British Israel movement, not willing to share their divine destiny with non-English peoples. The imperial British expansionism of colonial rule fueled concepts of manifest destiny i.e. the Christian mandate to take dominion of the earth. This of course has led to innumerable debates over claims of racial supremacy or the converse ideology of racial equality. The latter contention was interestingly enough, the brainchild of Karl Marx and other jewish communists having worldly ambitions. It was just as important to these rabbinic intellectuals to keep a lid on the British Israel movement then, as it is to neutralize the Christian Identity movement now.

After Wilson's death, Edward Hine assumed leadership of a more exclusive, consolidated promulgation of Anglocentric doctrine, revising Wilson's friendly position towards Germany into disfavor. As God was prospering a thriving industrial Germany, a jealous English public increasingly became suspicious of their European brethren and so began priming the future for world wars of fratricide. Naturally, the jews encouraged and harbored this hatred for the German people. Hine misidentified Germany as a modern day Assyria and elevated jews as a part of Israel and hence, must come together as a matter of eschatology, hinting at the resettlement of Palestine, which would later materialize in the Balfour Declaration in 1917, making it the "too often promised land."

Despite British Israel's popularity, the movement never organized as an effective body politic. Its adherents were not required to disenfranchise themselves with establishment denominations. As a consequence, there was no authority to screen false doctrines engrafted onto British Israel theology. Christian Identity has a similar problem today with people bringing in denominational baggage into the movement.

Hine attempted to create his own organization in 1873 called the British-Israel Corporation, but it failed. It would seem that God allows disinformation for a season. "It is the glory of God to conceal a thing, but the honor of kings is to search out a matter" Prov. 25:2. Christ hath made us kings (Rev. 1:6) and is "Kings of kings" and they that are with Him are called and chosen. Identity is the perfect word for our calling today, but infections riddle its divine destiny. Deviating from God's Word infects the integrity of the message and the movement. Let us learn from the imperfections of leadership of times past. It is our history and His Story. The irony of the British Israel movement was a conspiracy of jews, race traitors and the Church of England gambling on the revelation of a truth for political gain, whereby adherents of British Israel predominantly remain in the state church.

On the other hand, divine providence could not exclude America from British Israel's special relationship between Ephraim and Manasseh in Bible prophecy. We can therefore witness the progression of our true manifest destiny as White people naturally gravitate towards the racial truth that shall make us free. Christian Identity has evolved from the British Israel movement and has been growing for over 50 years. May the God of Israel continue to distil in His people an unfolding story of our calling that will only magnify His glory.

Share All sharing options for: Staff Post: Catchers to target in 2021 fantasy baseball

Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Earlier today we gave you our catchers to avoid in 2021. But now it’s time for the good stuff. staff targets at the catcher position, for fantasy baseball in 2021!

Will Smith, Los Angeles Dodgers (Garrett Atkins)

Smith has a slash line of .268/.363/.574 over the past two seasons. The batting average is 10th among catchers. The on base percentage and slugging are second among catchers, behind Salvador Perez. Basically, outside of a completely outlier 37 games from Perez, Will Smith has been the best hitting catcher in baseball. He also had a career high 26.9% line drive rate in 2020. His wOBA of .404 and xwOBA of .386 were 12th in baseball. Not 12th at catcher, but 12th among all hitters! And for you “playing time” doubters, Smith started 17 of the Dodgers’ 18 postseason games.

Daulton Varsho, Arizona Diamondbacks (Joe Gentile)

Any time a catcher-eligible player is projected to play primarily in the field and not behind the plate, I am instantly intrigued. It becomes more intriguing when said player has the potential to do something that has only been done once before in the history of fantasy baseball. With Varsho currently projected as the primary centerfielder in Arizona, there is a clear path to 600 plate appearances. This is fantastic news, as he is going to be catcher-eligible in 2021, and catchers usually need more rest days in between starts than position players. The best part is, however, that Varsho could become part of fantasy baseball history. With a fair amount of raw power, an ability to hit the ball in the air, and above-average speed, he has legitimate 20/20 potential. The last and only other time this happened was in 1999, when Ivan Rodriguez put up a 35/25 season. While playing a position that not only lacks in stolen bases, but also plate appearances, Varsho has jumped up to C2 in my rankings.

Daulton Varsho can make or break your fantasy baseball season

Christian Vazquez, Boston Red Sox (Heath Capps)

Full disclosure: I avoided Vazquez in 2020. That was a mistake. Sometimes, the boring “compiler” is a solid move. Vazquez may not win you your league, but given his playing time floor and average skill set across the board, it’s highly likely you aren’t losing ground on him. Also, he’s a sneaky source of steals at the catcher position. Here’s what I mentioned on Vazquez in the State of the Position:

“Vazquez is about as boring as they come, but he has very quietly been a quality source of steals within the catcher ranks over the last couple of years. Over the last two seasons his eight steals trail only Realmuto (13). And if you go back three years it’s Realmuto (16), Vazquez (12), Yadier Molina (10), and Austin Barnes (10). Additionally, Vazquez’s four swipes in 2018 came in only 80 games. He stole seven bags in 99 games (2017), and stole four bags last year (47 games). Over the course of a full season, I don’t see why he couldn’t chip-in with 6-8 bags, and that feels conservative given his historical production and Boston’s probable need to manufacture runs.”

Contact% leaders among catchers in 2020 (min. 140 PA, per @fangraphs):

♦️ Austin Nola - 82.7%
♦️ Christian Vazquez - 79.3%
♦️ Yadier Molina - 78.1%

— Fake Teams (@faketeams) January 26, 2021

In truth, Sean Murphy is my favorite target in 2021, but I’m trying to spread the love out here, and Murphy is getting plenty of love already this week.

Sean Murphy, Oakland Athletics (Mark Abell)

As I mentioned in my bold predictions this week, Murphy is someone who could be grabbed outside the top seven. While there are reasons to be cautious, from Year 1 to Year 2 in his MLB career he improved in: RBI, Runs, Home Runs, Walk Rate, Strikeout Rate, EV, LA, Barrel Rate, Hard Hit Rate and Pull Rate. Additionally, his Exit Velocity, Hard Hit Rate and Walk Rate were all in the top 10% of the league last year. If he can bring his batting average above .250 and continue this trend, he’s headed towards greatness. I will note there is risk that he regresses, as the sample size is low. But I like what I see enough to try to grab him a round or two earlier.

Gary Sanchez, New York Yankees (Andrés Chávez)

“The ‘Kraken’ slumped to a career-low 68 wRC+, an ugly .147/.253/.365 line, and a career-high 36% strikeout rate in 2020. While putting up a 28% K-rate in 2019, he had a 13.0% swinging strike rate (SwStr%). But on his way to the 36.0% rate last season, he had a very similar 13.8% SwStr%, which is why I think there will be some positive regression in 2021 in the strikeouts department—with work and maybe an approach change. He also murdered the ball: 91.8 MPH average exit velo, 117.5 MPH max exit velo, 17.4 barrel rate, and 50.0% hard-hit rate. He will be closer to his 2019 version (.232/.316/.525, 34 HR, 77 RBI) than what he showed in 2020. Invest.

Kinsman Back on The Block

The Block season is upon us once again, and Kinsman is proud to announce that it’s back on The Block showcasing a host of Australian made kitchens, wardrobes, home offices and much more. Having been The Block’s official sponsor of kitchens and laundries in 2019, and the official sponsor of wardrobes in 2018, Kinsman is ready to return and embark on a wonderful journey through time.

2020 Blockheads will be tackling the most challenging renovation yet as they are provided with five run-down houses on a 2761-square metre stretch of land in the bayside suburb of Brighton in Melbourne, a stone’s throw away from last year’s The Oslo Hotel. With five couples competing against each other to bring a house from history back to life, each couple will be given a specific decade to influence their designs and décor. From the era of Titanic to a decade better known for rock n roll and leather jackets, this year’s contestants endure the biggest rollercoaster of all time.

This season, The Block is set to showcase a collection of Kinsman Kitchens, Pantries, Laundries, Wardrobes and Home Offices. Kinsman’s design experts are dedicated to helping bring the new steadfast Blockheads visions to life. Throughout the season, contestants will create contemporary Australian inspired spaces that increase usability and liveability while addressing the specific decade’s flair with a range of the latest on trend styles and colour-ways to choose from. Guaranteed to inspire millions of viewers, these homes will be some of the very first in Australia to feature Kinsman’s three new profile door designs for kitchen cabinetry in 2020 Camden, Avoca and Avalon, also introducing 11 new colours to the range.

Kinsman Kitchens and Wardrobes Marketing Manager, Carla Madgwick said that The Block is the perfect platform to showcase the versatility of the Kitchen and Wardrobe ranges that Kinsman have to offer as well as inspire Australians with dream homes that are affordable and don’t compromise quality:

The Block has proven itself to be the most popular renovation show in Australia and we’re absolutely thrilled to be a part of this journey through time. The future meets the past with our smart accessories and storage solutions which are bound to ‘wow’ the viewers when they see our different ranges brought to life. We’re excited to demonstrate the breadth of styles that our ranges have to offer using quality materials and luxury finishes that are perfectly designed for modern living but without the designer price tag – it’s the luxury look for less.

The five new teams competing to win this season are
• Harry (57) and Tash (32) — The first father and daughter renovation duo, an IT manager and a social media project manager from Melbourne.
• Sarah (27) and George (33) — Teacher and electrician from Sydney.
• Daniel (35) and Jade (34) — Farmer and hairdresser from Wandearah in South Australia.
• Luke (35) and Jasmine (36) — Chippy and teacher from Perth.
• Jimmy (33) and Tam (31) — Plumber and bar manager from Brisbane.

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