Archaeologists reconstruct the scene of the Odeion de Parion

Archaeologists reconstruct the scene of the Odeion de Parion

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Archaeologists have solved the 1,850-year-old scenario mystery located in the old port of the city of Parion (Parium), in the Turkish province of Canakkale.

Professor Dr. Hasan Kasapoglu, from Ataturk University, coordinator of the excavations in the Odeion, explained that they managed to solve the mystery of the archaeological find made in 2010, and on which they work until today.

The archaeologists of the place gathered all the ancient stones found at the excavation site, placing them on a platform and grouping them according to their use.

The grouping of the stones was the start of a puzzle, as Kasapoglu explained, which allowed them, finally, to discover the scene of the ancient building found on the site.

Explained that they discovered the decorative piece of the entrance by placing 40 different pieces, followed by Corinthian pillars and other architectural details.

The researchers now intend to use virtual reality (using his current knowledge of the stage), to allow visitors to see what this stage was like in its heyday.

The ancient city of Parion It was founded about 3,000 years ago by settlers from Eretria, a Greek polis located on the island of Euboea and the island of Paros in the Aegean Sea.

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