Greek mythology: who was Acasto? The pilot of the Argonauts

Greek mythology: who was Acasto? The pilot of the Argonauts

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Acasto he was the son of Pelias and from Anaxibia, king of yolcos.

He took part in the Calydon's boar hunt (Calidonia) and participated in the expedition of the Argonauts as pilot of the ship Argo.

When I fightBy accident, he killed Eurytion, went to Acasto to purify him.

The latter's wife, Creteis (or Astidamia), scorned by the hero, in order to take revenge, informed Polidamia, Peleo's wife, that he was going to leave her, causing her suicide at which time she accused the hero of wanting to rape her before Acasto.

He preferred to respect the holy laws of hospitality and don't kill himBut when he slept, he left him in a forest without weapons to be devoured by beasts.

The Chiron Centaur woke him up and warned him of danger.

Fighting, furious, he returned to Yolcos and killed Acasto and his wife.

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