Burials of 'giants' from Byzantine times found in Crimea

Burials of 'giants' from Byzantine times found in Crimea

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Experts have not yet found an explanation for the size of the remains discovered, but hope that an anthropological analysis will help solve this mystery.

Russian archaeologists have found a necropolis with several dozen tombs with skeletons «resembling the remains of giants»Dating from the time of the Byzantine Empire, reported Vladimir Frolov, deputy director of the monument protection department of the Historical and Cultural Museum of Eastern Crimea.

The necropolis was found during excavations near the stairs of Mithridates, in the port city of Kerch, on the east coast of the Crimean peninsula. To date, researchers have discovered a total of 27 graves.

According to Frolov, its size reaches2 meters and 30 centimeters in length, while the skeletons found inside measureabout 1.8 meters. In Byzantine times, the historian points out, the average height of an adult was about 1.6 meters.

For the moment, specialists have not found an explanation for this anomaly, although they hope that a more detailed examination of the remains by anthropologists will help shed light on the mystery.

«The most surprising thing is that the same people who visitedthe temple of John the Baptist, which was built in Kerch in the 8th century AD, ”Frolov said.

Bronze earrings and bracelets, remains of felt clothing, fragments of a leather belt and human hair were also found at the site. It was these findings that allowed dating this necropolisin the XI-XIII centuries AD.

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