The 5 scariest scenes in the horror game Outlast

The 5 scariest scenes in the horror game Outlast

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Outlast is a horror game for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One that has managed to rescue the classic combination of terror and survival.

Without weapons or protection, players have only one camera to view and investigate the Mount Massive Sanitarium, a place filled with terrifying and unsettling moments.

With this in mind, we've put together a list of 5 extremely scary scenes from Outlast.

1. No weapons and no camera

No weapons in OutlastSo the only form of defense the player has is a night vision camera, which is not at all reassuring when surrounded by creatures that run much faster than you.

However, it would be even worse if you lost the camera and became more defenseless, right? Because that's exactly what happens.

Despite appearing more towards the end of the game, Outlast's main villain is also responsible for some of the scariest scenes. And Walrider is an expert in showing up at times when the player least expects it.

2. The first scare

The main objective in Outlast is to run for life, so the player will hardly have time to prepare for all the stressful moments of the game.

If you think you can defend yourself in the library, the first scare of the game will prove you wrong in less than five minutes of play.

3. Meeting Chris Walker

If you've ever had the opportunity to view Outlast-related videos or images, you probably remember one big misshapen creature with a macabre smile.

This is Chris Walker, one of the antagonists who will follow you closely for most of the game. And to the sadness of those with a weak heart, the first encounter with the monster occurs early in the game.

Wheelchairs are objects that often appear in horror games. However, they can be even scarier when someone is sitting on them. Especially if that «someone»Is an abandoned body inside a sanatorium.

4. Don't hide under the bed

To survive during the game, you must hide in closets, alleys and any place that is out of the field of vision of those horrible beings. And beds are an option too.

You can hide there to throw patients off chase and chase, but staying there too long is not a good idea.

Even with night vision, walking in the dark is still an unpleasant experience. Especially in Outlast, where everything can change in a flash of light. And it is in prison where you will find the best example of that. Once you sneak through the hole in the wall, there is no time to prepare for what you will see.

5. Chris Walker strikes again

Just when you think you've met your goal of activating the decontamination chambers, Chris Walker arrives for another 'surprise' visit.

Not only does the creature appear out of nowhere, it also begins to scream and break the only barrier that separates you from possible violent death.

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