Did Vladimir Lenin have a cat?

Did Vladimir Lenin have a cat?

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According to Wikipedia:

He [Lenin] was… fond of pets, in particular cats.

So did Lenin, at some point, have a cat? I have seen some pictures of him holding cats, but I guess they could just be him holding someone else's cat (for popularity points).

It appears that Lenin did indeed own several cats over the years.

According to Louis Fischer's The Life of Lenin (the source cited by the Wikipedia article):

He had had a brown cat in Geneva. During her visit to Lenin at Gorky shortly following the August 30, 1918, attempt on his life, Angelica Balabanoff saw two cats in the household. Lincoln Eyre, an American journalist who went to Lenin's Kremlin apartment, noted that the dictator was "fond" of his several cats.

  • (p 367)

One reasonably well-known image that you may have seen is this one:

(click to enlarge)

According to this article in the Guardian newspaper, the photograph was taken in 1922 by Lenin's sister "at his residence in the village of Gorki", and so could very well show one of the two cats seen by Angelica Balabanoff in 1918.

Victor Sebestyen's book 'Lenin the Dictator' says that after the Bolsheviks had seized power and Lenin and his wife Nadezhda Krupskaya were living in a flat in the Kremlin, Lenin, despite his many other responsibilities as a ruthless Communist Dictator, always remembered to feed their cat, which his wife would often forget.

Sebestyen does not say what the cat was called or what colour it was.



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